7 Signs You Might Need A New Roof

Do you need a new roof

Anyone who owns an old home should be aware of the signs of roof damage. Sometimes regular inspections and repairs can save a roof and delay replacements for years. Other signs can be indicative of more serious issues that require your roof to be fully replaced. Here’s 7 signs your roof might need replacing:

1. Check for Missing Granules

Missing granules is one of the first signs that your roof is nearing the end of it’s lifespan. Inconsistent color or bald spots on the tiles is a sign they’ve worn away. As well, check the gutters and drain spouts, as granules will collect here as they wear off the shingles. If you see a large amount of granules in your drains, it might be time for a new roof.

2. Check the Flashing

The seals around your chimney, vents or skylights might become compromised, especially if they are old and made of cement or tar. This can cause water leaks to the rest of the roof, although sometimes you can get by simply by replacing the flashing with a modern metal system.

3. Worn Shingles

Like with item #1, missing granules is a sign your shingles are old and need to be replaced, but there’s more to look out for. If your shingles are buckling, cracked or missing this might be a sign that repairs are in order. In general the shingles should always lie flat against the roof. Discoloration is also a bad sign. If you are aware of animals having been on your roof, you should check to make sure they haven’t lifted or damaged the shingles in some way.

4. Sagging

If there’s droop or sagging apparent on your roof, then you need a roof replacement pronto. Once the boards are rotten enough to sag, damage can quickly spread to the rest of your home; so on this one there’s not much need to wait around and think about it. If you do, the next snowstorm might be your roofs last.

5. Daylight coming through the Attic

If the boards in your roof are letting sunlight into the attic, this is a sign you need to replace the roof. From inside the attic, if you see stains this could be a sign of leakage, so check for that. As well, check your insulation; if there’s moisture in it, your roof might be compromised. As a general rule of thumb, there shouldn’t be any latent moisture or light leakage in the attic.

6. Check your Records

A simple thing to look at might just be a record of your house repairs. Roofs typically last around 20 years give or take a few. So if your roof is that old and hasn’t been replaced, it might be fair to assume it’s nearing the end of it’s lifespan and should be replaced. If you’re on a budget, you might be tempted to try and make it last years after it’s lifespan has expired. However, past 20 years you’re playing with fire (or in this case, rain and snow).

7. Moss

While this one is more common to homes in humid areas, it’s worth knowing that moss can be a sign of underlying problems with your roof. While the moss itself can be easily scrubbed away, it can often times grow from moisture trapped inside your roof. This can be a indicator of leakage problems. If you have moss or algae growing on your roof, you should inspect it thoroughly to see if the problem can be solved with a simple repair or not.

All 7 items mentioned are good indicators that your home is in need of a new roof. If you plan on selling your home in the near future, you would be well advised to speak with a roofer if you notice any of the problems listed above. Even if you have no plans to move, the roof of your home is a important asset that can become dangerous when compromised. Regularly check your roof for signs of leakage or other issues.