How to Increase Your Home’s Value with these 9 Tips

Selling your Port Alberni House

If you plan on moving, it’s always a terrific idea to increase your home’s value and get a little bit more to stick back in the bank. Some ideas might be better than others when it comes to improving your home in a way that adds substance and value, so with that here are 9 tips on how to increase your home’s value.

1. Get Creative with Additions

One of the most simple and obvious ways to increase your home’s value has to be an addition. Anything that translates into additional square footage for your property is added value, and buyers will think so as well. Of course “easier said than done” is a phrase that might apply strongly here, but if you think outside of the box a bit that might not be the case. Building a deck or similar add-on would be an easier idea for an addition.

2. Don’t Neglect Curb Appeal 

Nothing will turn more buyers away than having a home that looks tattered and ugly just from the street. Some ideas for improving curb appeal might include cleaning with a pressure washer to updating outdoor staples such as the mailbox.

For your landscape, low-maintenance plants will provide a great opportunity to beautify your yard without costing you a lot of time and money. Better yet, buyers tend to like gardens and landscapes that don’t entail massive responsibilities too.

3. Keep it Clean 

It’s easier for buyers to envision themselves in a home that’s clean and free of personal items. Cleaning is a major step that should be taken before a home goes up for sale. As someone who might not be ready or thinking about selling yet, you can plan ahead by keeping your home in a relatively tidy state that will make this step easier once it does become time to sell.

4. Get an Inspection 

A house inspector can find problems that might be lurking behind the scenes without you even knowing it. It’s a good idea to discover areas in need of repair before they get worse or your house is about to go up for sale. Additionally, recent repairs tend to give buyers some piece of mind knowing there’s less chance of needing an emergency repair as soon as they buy the home.

5. Get Rid of Ceiling Popcorn 

Popcorn Ceilings are a major turn-off to any home buyer in the market right now. They more than anything can contribute to a home feeling old and dated, but removing them isn’t always a straight forward affair. If you’re lucky, you can remove them on your own with tools easily found at a local home improvement store, but first you should have the ceilings checked for harmful substances by a professional. Popcorn ceilings sometimes contain asbestos, and if yours does it should be removed professionally.

6. Old Carpets are Bad Carpets 

Old carpets can be a lot of trouble for selling a home. Stains, smells and other forms of wear will dissuade buyers. In addition, carpets tend to be a high-maintenance home furnishing. If possible, replacing your carpets with hardwood will make the floors last longer, and will give your home charm too.

7. Repaint your Walls 

Repainting your walls is a common tip, but it’s impact on home buyers should not be underestimated. In addition to removing old smells potentially trapped in the paint, repainting the home in neutral colors is appealing to buyers who may see it as a canvas they could later personalize themselves.

8. Energy Efficiency Appeals to Everyone 

Energy efficient appliances can add a ton to the value of your home, besides saving you money on your bills. This is particularly true in areas prone to extreme temperatures, where buyers will take note of the potential to save on harsh heating or cooling bills.

9. Give the Entrance some Love 

The front door of your home is one of the most important areas for impressing home buyers. It makes up a major factor of your curb appeal alone, and is sure to be an area that gets extra attention as potential buyers enter the home while it’s being unlocked. 

Thankfully improving the entrance is not a major undertaking to get it in top notch shape. New and energy efficient doors are cheap and easy to buy and install on your own. Sometimes you can make do just by repainting your old door in a buyer friendly colour like beige. Symmetrical potted plants are another decoration that’s known to make the entrance area seem more warm and appealing. 

How to Sell your Townhouse Fast

Townhouse for Sale

When selling a townhouse, making an excellent first impression is important for in fact making a sale. Prospective purchasers who are buying their brand-new house can be quickly turned away by things that may appear superficial to you. If you don’t really impress them on their first watching, or perhaps when they first lay eyes on your townhome, this can affect the negotiation process (if you can even get that far). Let’s take a look at some good tips on how to make a good impression when selling your property.

Suggestion # 1: Move on from the townhouse.

Get some range from the home if requirement be, however, make sure that you get out of the mindset that the house is your home. It will not be your home for much longer, however more significantly, there isn’t a purchaser in the entire world that desires to purchase “your” home.

To offer an analogy, think of a used vehicle lot. You wouldn’t bother with a car that has a dashboard littered with bobble-heads and decal all over the rear end. Rather you would want to buy cars that look “new”.

The main way to depersonalize is to get rid of any family photos that are on the walls or shown on a table, put away any sort of personal keepsakes like mementos, and paint over or cover things like height markings, kids wall drawings, or anything else emotional.

Consider hiring a professional to redecorate or redesign the house for you if you can’t tear yourself away from the townhouse’s character. That way you can focus on the other duties you have while a neutral third party gets the house depersonalized.

Pointer # 2: Curb appeal ought to be the primary focus.

Curb appeal refers to look and impression that the external locations of the residential or commercial property offer to a buyer the first time they experience your home. All of these facets can positively or negatively affect a potential buyer when they come to see the home.

Approved, this should be carried out in moderation, and likewise you should respect the above pointer when getting the lawn in order. If you need to do any heavy quantity of landscaping, it might be recommended that you hire a landscaper to avoid the yard from ending up being too purchaser hostile. When it comes to suppress appeal, always keep in mind that less is more.

Tip # 3: Clear out the mess.

Beyond individual mementos and other artifacts that make the home yours rather of theirs, mess and junk will entirely shut off a purchaser. This is partly even if it provides the home a messy and uninviting look, but also due to the fact that it makes the rooms look smaller sized when they are filled with scrap and other odds and ends.

If you have not moved into a new house yet, attempt leasing a storage system or container to store anything you can’t bring yourself to part with. You should likewise utilize a clutter purge as a great event to also do a deep cleaning of the home after whatever has actually been cleared out.

Suggestion # 4: Do not be ugly.

It does not matter if the walls are painted in neon fuchsia or if you had intended on painting the kitchen aquamarine. Never ever show your townhouse off to buyers if it hasn’t been repainted with soft neutral colors. White, cream, beige, and other neutral colors help to focus the buyer on what your home needs to offer rather than sidetrack them.

The lawn and all decoration need to also follow this mantra. Going back to tip # 3, there shouldn’t be anything ugly out in the yard when a buyer comes over to see the home.

Pointer # 5: Fix and find anything that’s broken.

Purchasers are going to be going through your townhouse, and they will observe when things aren’t right. As the person living in the house, it’s simple to forget about repair work that were never done or Do It Yourself projects that were put off indefinitely. With that in mind, go through your house and check for these small scale repair work that require to be done. Light switches that do not work, broken window panes, inoperable ceiling fans, stressed out light bulbs, or any other defect you can discover.

Prospective buyers who are shopping for their new home can be easily turned away by things that may seem superficial to you. The first significant tip for someone selling their home is to stop thinking of it as “your” house. Get some distance from the house if need be, however make sure that you get out of the state of mind that the house is your house. It will not be your house for much longer, however more notably, there isn’t a buyer in the entire world that wants to buy “your” house. All of these facets can positively or negatively influence a prospective purchaser when they come to see the house.

Is it Already Too Late to Sell

Is it Already Too Late to Sell

Believe it or not fall is just around the corner, Canadian summers are far too short.  While you’re trying to get in as much cottage time as you can you may also be wondering “is it already too late to sell my house.”  You still have a couple of months before the snow starts falling and Christmas decorations start showing up in the stores.  Fortunately Port Alberni has fairly mild winters and the fall is still a good time to list your house.  If you are ready to sell then here are some tips to get you started.

Get a Realtor

First things first, you are going to want to get a local realtor who can help you sell this home quickly.  A realtor will help you get listed quickly and get it on the market as soon as you can.  You will need to put together a marketing and pricing strategy based on the current market conditions.  You will need an aggressive marketing strategy with fewer buyers looking at houses.  The good news is that the buyers who are looking are serious about finding a home.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Late summer and early fall is still early enough in the year to have flowers blooming and green grass in the yard.  Even with the end of summer only six weeks off you still have plenty of time to boost your curb appeal.  It is warm enough to get the gutters cleaned, weed the flower beds and trim any hedges that you have.  Does the house need a fresh coat of paint or the deck need re-staining.  This is the perfect time of year to get all of that done.

The days are going to start getting shorter soon so you might also want to look into some exterior lighting.  You may end up showing your house in the evening so having a well light front area and walkway will help a great deal.

Getting the Inside Ready

You can hire a landscape company to deal with the curb appeal issue but getting the inside ready for sale will rest on your shoulders.  You will need to start packing and getting your home staged to sell.  Staged homes sell faster and for more money so this is an important step in the process you can’t afford to overlook.  Start by de-cluttering and getting rid of all the personal knick-knacks and pictures.  You want to present your home in the best light possible and make buyers feel like this could be their home.

Don’t worry it is not too late in the year to sell your house, work with your realtor and you could have your Port Alberni home sold in no time.